Your money is secured

Your money is secured

Insurance policy - your money is insured!

Every customer who booked apartment through our Internet portal receives insurance from the largest and oldest insurance company in Croatia, Croatian Insurance Inc., which guarantees for the money you paid, and for all professional responsibility of Come-To-Adria PA company. 

NOTE: Tour operators are obliged by law to issue an insurance policy against insolvency. What does insolvent means, it means that payoffs for damages are available only in case if the tour operator becomes insolvent, to become insolvent means that the company failed or is closed and that you have no other way to return money. Come-To-Adria portal gives you much more than this kind of insurance that is usualy provided by other tour operators . Come-To-Adria has secured an insurance policy for professional liability, which means that the insurance will pay your damage at any time. They insure yout that they will secure you when the damage is caused if the Come-To-Adria fails to fulfillment of its obligations to you. This type of insurance is much better for the client because it not only provided the moment and if the company fails, but the whole time while the company exists, and its damage can be claimed at any time during the insurance policy. So be wise and do not fall for the many bad insurance policy that other tour operators offer, other turoperators in most cases have the insolvency insurance, and it is possible that the shelf act only when the company collapses.

Travel with Come-To-Adria portal, travel safely !

Some provisions of our contract with the insurance of the house:

  • The subject of this insurance policy is a civil-legal contract (professional) liability insured for damage caused by the victims as a result of failing, defective execution or delay in fulfilling the contractual obligations of the insured.
  • This insurance covered the only contract (professional) liability insured for losses arising from the exercise of a registered (professional services)
  • Injured in terms of these conditions shall be entitled to monetary damages up to the stipulated amount of the insured, including the default interest .
  • In terms of these conditions, the victims are considered to be only person in a contractual relationship with the insured which is due to failure, defective execution or delay in fulfilling the obligations of insured damage occurred.