How to book ?

How to book ?

From our offer is necessary to find accommodation unit that you want to book.

Search for accommodation units can be made in several ways.
From the main menu at the top of the page you can click on the "private accommodation", where you will see our complete offer of accommodation units.
You can search Accommodation units through the search engine on the home page. Select your criteria for search and click on "Search", our system will show you all the facilities / accommodation units that are currently available and match your search criteria.
If you click on the arrow <- left and right -> you can browse a complete offer of accommodation.

When you find an accommodation unit that suits you, by clicking on the "Book Now! you coming to our calendar of occupancy, at which you need to select arrival and departure, and also choose no. of persons. In the above calendar only is possible to choose green fields. Red and yellow fields mean that for that day there are reservations or questions for selected accomodation unit.

At this point, the system will automatically calculate the cost of your accommodation.

Just below the calendar is the form in which it is necessary to fulfill your personal information.

After you fill the information (please double-check the accuracy of the data), press the button "Send request for booking!"

At this point, the system generates a request and sends it to us so we can check for availability on selected acommodation unit.

As soon as we receive your request we will try, as soon as possible to respond to it, a common practice is within 24 h.

After the agency check availability of the accommodation they will automatically respond via e-mail, and will confirm / send your e-mail with a confirmation or decline of the availability of the accommodation unit.

Once you have received e-mail, if agency confirmed availability of the accommodation, in the e-mail you will be referred to pay advance for accommodation and in email you will see what is the deadline for payment of the advance for reservation to become valid. If you dont make advance payment for accommodation in given period, we will have to cancel the reservation.

It's on you to pay advance in a given period, by credit card, through our system or by bank transfer.
Please note that no. Your credit card and other information related to the advance payment will be protected by SSL certificate, which guarantees the highest confidentiality.

After you make the advance payment within 24 hours you will receive a Voucher with all the detailed information you need to know when arriving at your destination / accommodation unit.

In the Voucher / booking confirmation we will write you the exact address (of travel agency) where you must occur in order to enter into your accommodation unit, and the correct amount (the rest of the value of the accommodation price), which is to be paid on arrival in the travel agency.

There is a possibility, depending of destination, that you need to pay certain taxes that apply to that destination on arrival at the Agency . Typically, these costs are also listed in the Voucher.

Please, if it is possible bring your Voucher with you to the Agency, Your Voucher is proof that you successfully paid you accommodation reservations.

We hope that we write enough of informations to in detail describe the process of booking accommodation.
If you have any questions we are available to you.

Your team.