General conditions

General conditions
Legal status

Internet Service and other associated websites are the property of P.A Come-To-Adria, Kras 136, 51514 Dobrinj, Croatia (hereinafter referred to Come-to-Adria), Come-To-Adria guarantee the implementation of mediation in the sale of accommodation capacity among partner agencies and clients over the Internet unless exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, death or illness of service provider, etc.).

Application / booking form via the Internet may submit adult (hereinafter the client).

Travel agency / Come-To-Adria partners in the field in whose jurisdiction includes the requested accommodation (hereinafter referred to Come-To-Adria Partner) provides all forms of assistance from the client to accept the departure of the client.

Privacy Statement

Results and its associated sites may be freely viewed. If you choose to use some of our services, you are obliged to leave us the requested personal information necessary in performing the procedure book and lease the required services. In business use only the information obtained directly from you, and the data that we provide maximum protection remain.

Reservations and payment

When sending a query, the client and the Come-To-Adria partner automatically receive an e-mail with information about the query. Come-To-Adria partner is obliged to check the availability of the requested accommodation and confirm the possibility of booking the client or provide replacement options. Once confirmed the availability of the accommodation Come-To-Adria portal client sends a confirmation about the availability of the accommodation in which the specified amount and period for payment of the deposit and all other necessary information. The amount of the deposit is approximately 20% of the accommodation. If you are not paid in advance for a given period, which is highlighted in e-mail confirmation of the reservation, we consider that the client dropped the further requirement of accommodation bookings. Upon execution of the advance payment, Come-to-Adria portal client sends a travel document (voucher), which confirms the customer service users of accommodation. The rest of the amount the customer pays directly Come-To-Adria partner on arrival / entrance to the accommodation. Come-To-Adria portal will try to be precise and detailed client present accommodation unit and costs associated with the same reservation. Come-To-Adria portal is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

Payment methods

On-line payment with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard). Payment through Raiffeisen Bank System for On-Line billing.

Other information

The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the booked accommodation unit. Special services (indicated in the description of the term "additional services", "negotiable", "on request", "on demand "...) are not included unless otherwise stated. Price does not include travel insurance from the risk of travel. The accommodation units as possible detljnije described according to the official categorization of the authorized institution, and based on the actual situation. The client's request for changes to reservations will be filled if possible. The potential costs of these changes, the client will be notified. Storage that has been destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen in the unit bears the responsibility of the client.

Passengers on the right changes and cancellations

Cancellation or changes to the booked accommodation may be made only in case of exceptional circumstances, assessing whether it is possible to meet the cancellation or change of reservation will do Come-To-Adria partner, and is not required to accept cancellations or changes. Request for change or cancellation can be done only in writing (e-mail or fax). Come-To-Adria partner try to make a change to the booked accommodation if the accommodation is available for replacement. If the alternate accommodation comes to the price difference, the client is required to escort an alternate accommodation to pay the price difference. Alternative accommodation for the client will receive a new confirmation of the reservation with all the necessary data as well as a new travel document (voucher). Change of accommodation refers to a change of accommodation or the accommodation facility. In case of change shortening the stay on-site customer is obligated to pay the agreed amount of the stay in its entirety. In case of cancellation Come-To-Adria portal reserves the commission paid / deposit as compensation for expenses that are caused by cancellation.

Compliance with general business conditions

Paying the deposit / advance, the reservation is considered acceptance that all parties agree with the general business conditions and to accept the same.