Glagolitic trail

Location : Baska
If Baska choice for your vacation, you have chosen the best known tourist resort on the island. Connected to the mainland, the airport with Europe, Krk and Baska are the destinations that can be reached easily and quickly! Baska is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the Croatian Adriatic.It is the position of Baška allow uninterrupted growth and prosperity, as well as a distinctive tourism in the environment. Situated in a quiet valley in the bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and flowering broom, with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains of Velebit and the islet, Baska as that is protected from all sides. Her unique beach of white pebbles, 1800 m long, crowned with a Blue Flag for environmental preservation.For this beach, justly said that one of the most beautiful in the Adriatic. To stay in Baška recognized tradition of tourism, which will be developed here over 100 years and also enjoy the amenities that make Baška modern tourist destination. All of you who have an adventurous spirit will find some privacy and solitude in one of thirty small sandy beaches which can be reached on foot or by boat.One of them can become your own little paradise in the beautiful and preserved nature. Baska is still intact and preserved gem of natural beauty. Lovers of beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna will be able to enjoy the beautiful animal species either on land or at sea. The specificity of the Krk landscape consists of and stone, huge area for collecting sheep, bordered by stone walls in the shape of a flower.These types of stone, preserved especially in the plateau area above the Baška valley, a real ornament Baška hilly landscape. It is widely known for its bora which the landscapes full of herbs offers a healthy life to all its residents and visitors. Baska is a rich historical and cultural heritage. Among these, the early Christians of the 5th century, the famous Baška Tablet, the most famous and oldest written Croatian National Monument to the abbey of St.Lucy and other valuable building of churches and chapels and valuable ethnographic collection of Native muzeja.Akvarij Baska offers you the unique experience of sea life and underwater world of the Croatian Adriatic. The aquarium is one of the largest collections of Adriatic mussels and snails in. Baska ... it is impossible to reach, and not come back again.
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