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Location : Murter
Murter is the largest and oldest settlement on the island of Murter. They call it the 'metropolis' Kornati, because its residents own almost all of the Kornati islands and the adjacent islands.In their possession was every seventh Croatian island, hence the life and development of Murter Murter impossible to imagine and understand without the centuries-old relationship with the sea and islands. Extremely valuable archaeological finds Colentum Roman settlement on the hill Gradina vividly testify to the attractiveness of the position of Murter since ancient times. The old part of town - The village is located beneath Mount Raduč, retiring to the interior of the island.Due to the increasing orientation of the population of the sea, the newer part was built on the banks of the spacious bay Hramina. Place over time expanded to Slanica on the southwest coast, where the namesake beach, beautiful on the Sibenik Riviera. Although long believed that his name has to do with death, Murter is the name most likely comes from a hollowed stone bed which is situated within the oil presses, and it was called - mortarium.This origin of the name refers to the long tradition of olive growing in this region. Murtersko oil is widely known. Sometimes there are cultivated over 170 000 olive trees and produced annually about sixty wagons of the famous oil. As early as 1913th Mr Murtersko oil received a gold medal for quality at the prestigious international exhibition of oil in the French Eixu. Since the Kornati largely held Murter, Murter ranging from the highest quality tours to these islands pearls.
Location : Dubrovnik
The city of Dubrovnik is situated in south of Croatia. It occupies an area of 364.05 square kilometres. The city of Dubrovnik encloses the tiny Elaphite archipelago (Sipan, Lopud, Kolocep, Tajan, Olipa, Jakljan and Daksa). The geographical position of the area is Mediterranean climate with mild and damp winters, and hot dry summers at quite low air humidity. Average air temperature is 17°C and the average summer sea temperature is 21°C. The average summer temperature of 25°C is refreshed by the gentle wind Maestral. The local people lovingly cultivate the traditional way of selecting and preparing food. When traditional dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes, are set before a guest, this expresses the highest esteem and regard. If you set out for Ston, you will reach a region of the highest gastronomic pleasures, a place where you will taste oysters, mussels, clams and other delicacies. You can wash them down with the best wines, grown only a few miles away: dingač, plavac, postup and pelješac. One shouldn't hurry on and miss Zaton Mali and it's famous black risotto. A gastronomic tour of the region would not be complete without visit to Srebreno, Mlini and Cavtat where you can enjoy the traditional green menestra (soup). The city of Dubrovnik is a pageant of open picturesque scenes. Fortifications, bridges, palaces, balconies, chapels, terraces, town squares, streets, monastic cloisters - the city is full of theatre - like atmosphere and rhythm. There is a difference between the sound of steps on the city stone pavements and those on the floorboards of the theatre. Dubrovnik has with ease reached the heights of Helsignor, Taurida, Rome and Verona and it seems to us that these universal works were written expressly for the Dubrovnik stage. Dubrovnik though will remain the one and only Dubrovnik and every classic performance on its stage is an unrepeatable experience. You won't regret Your coming here. Let us help You in finding the best solution for Your holidays in Dubrovnik.
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