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Apartment A4+1
ID: 11625
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  • Apartment A4+1
    ID: 11625
    per day
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Accommodation units
No. bedrooms: 2, No. of bathrooms: 1.
Air conditioning, satellite tv.

per day
Characteristics: Air-conditioned, suitable for pets, air-conditioned.
Environment: Common garden, ability to use barbecue, Garage on request, parking provided.
Other options: Pets are not allowed, heating, air conditioning, owner lives in the house or near the house.
Price options: The use of air conditioners, included in the price per unit. One child under 2 years of age is free of charge per unit, with no claim to a bed or on board services. Prices are the total price for building / apartment on the day. Included are: utility fees in regular ratio of consumption (electricity, water, gas), weekly change of sheets and cleaning.
distance from sea : 5 km
distance from the sea (airline) : 4 km
distance to the gravel or rocky beaches : 5 km
distance to the beach with concrete plateaus : 5 km
distance to the rocky beach : 5 km
distance to a sandy beach : 6 km
distance to the grassy beach : 5 km
distance from the centre : 7 km
distance to shops : 1 km
distance from restaurant : 2 km
distance to the hospital : 4 km
distance to the pharmacy : 4 km
distance to the bus station : 500 m
distance to the railway station : 7 km
Location : Pula (Jadreski)
There is a legend in which he described the chase boat Argo and the Golden Fleece. According to the legend of King Kolhide subjects were dropped from further pursuit after their son was killed the king. The fear that as long as they return to Colchis, to be punished for the death of the prince, they decided to settle in the place of his death. Pula is therefore kolhiđanskim fugitives was the refuge and place of banishment. Thus the hard old life of famous geographer Strabo says that this is based Pula.According to this legend, Pula was founded in front of more than three thousand years. Pula in Illyrian times, until the arrival of Roman legions, was only Nezakcija nearby surroundings, the dominant political and military center. Because of the importance of the military position, and the intensive colonization and trade ties, Pula takes leading position in the region. Parallel to this develop Stonecutting for numerous buildings in Pula, agriculture, olive growing, fishing and pottery.During the centuries of the Roman period have been built in Pula and formed the most valuable monuments of antiquity in Croatia. The most valuable and most famous monument is the time of the Roman Arena. This is the amphitheater, the struggle for human and animal, built in I century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. Arena size is about 130 x 105 ma height 32 m, which puts him in sixth place among the world's largest amphitheatres. Arena could accept up to 23,000 spectators.The Austro Hungary, Pula turned into a large and important port. But today is a great tourist center of Pula, which can be proud of its rich past and its guests by offering the world's largest values.
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