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Apartments Croatia

Apartments Croatia

Istra, Central Istra
Apartment house 4081
Whole house H6+2 from 144€ - 312€ /day

Apartments Croatia !

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Island Rab Holidays and accommodation

Island Rab Holidays and accommodation

Rab is a part of the Kvarner Bay archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, north of the Croatian. Together with the ancient town, in various scattered over the island is situated seven other idyllic places: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor Mundanije, Supetarska Dear and Lopar. It inhabits approx. 9000 inhabitants, who live mainly by agriculture, fisheries, shipbuilding and tourism baljena Our tradition of organized tourism is today already 120 years.
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Apartments Barbat

Apartments Barbat

Apartments Banjol

Apartments Banjol

Apartments Palit

Apartments Palit

Some of the houses in the region Island Rab - Private accommodation
Apartment house 4096 Apartment house 4096
Apartment house 4192 Apartment house 4192
Apartment house 4133 Apartment house 4133
Apartment house 4097 Apartment house 4097
Apartment house 4233 Apartment house 4233
We offer a large selection of holiday apartments in Croatia

Welcome to the Come-To-Adria website, here you can find a great selection of apartments and holiday houses in Croatia.

On our site you will find information about destinations for summer holidays in Croatia, interesting places to visit in Croatia, as well as a large selection of holiday apartments and houses for vacation in Croatia. We would like to introduce you various travel destinations and help you find your ideal holiday accommodation in Croatia.

Along the Croatian coast we offer almost 5,000 apartments and holiday homes in Croatia. We have many years of experience in booking an accomodation in Croatia, and through our insurance we guarantee you the best service. Our site helps you to choose accommodation to suit your taste. Select your holiday destination, number of people and dates of arrival. The results of your search for accommodation units for vacation in Croatia you can filter specifying additional criteria, such as accommodation type (apartment, studio apartment, room, holiday home), the price limit , air-conditioning, coming with pets, swimming pool and more . By searching the apartments through our site you will be shown only apartments and holiday homes in Croatia that are relevant to you.

Every town and region in Croatia (Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and many Croatian islands) is special and unique and offers nice experience of untouched nature. Unique Croatian coast and islands give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches and bays, indigenous Croatian gastronomic specialties as well as a well-known Croatian hospitality of the host.

Spend with us unforgetable holidays on the Croatian coast, and let yourself be enchanted by the Croatian nature and culture. We guarantee that your visit to Croatia will stay long in your memory by its sun and the beauty of the sea coast.

Come-To-Adria team is at your service, by helping you to find your ideal apartment in Croatia.

Apartments with swimming pool
Apartment A2+2 Kvarner, Crikvenica Apartment A2+2
Kvarner, Crikvenica
from  36 €  /day
Apartment A4 Dalmatia, Ciovo Apartment A4
Dalmatia, Ciovo
from  72 €  /day
Apartment A6+2 Dalmatia, Trogir Apartment A6+2
Dalmatia, Trogir
from  209 €  /day
Whole house H14+2 Istra, Štinjan Whole house H14+2
Istra, Štinjan
from  235 €  /day
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Apartments by the sea
Apartment A2+2 Dalmatia, Murter Apartment A2+2
Dalmatia, Murter
from  80 €  /day
Apartment A2 Istra, Medulin Apartment A2
Istra, Medulin
from  65 €  /day
Room R2 Island Rab, Barbat Room R2
Island Rab, Barbat
from  79 €  /day
Apartment A6+1 Island Krk, Baska Apartment A6+1
Island Krk, Baska
from  88 €  /day
Apartments by the sea - MORE
Stone houses
Apartment A4+1 Istra, Central Istra Apartment A4+1
Istra, Central Istra
from  65 €  /day
Apartment A2+2 Dalmatia, Primosten Apartment A2+2
Dalmatia, Primosten
from  71 €  /day
Whole house H4+2 Istra, Premantura Whole house H4+2
Istra, Premantura
from  68 €  /day
Whole house H4+2 Istra, Novigrad Whole house H4+2
Istra, Novigrad
from  120 €  /day
Stone houses - MORE
Croatia - The Mediterranean as it once was !

CROATIA, a small country in the European family. Although small Croatia has a rich culture history. The most significant cultural influences come from the Central European and Mediterranean culture. Thankfully geographical position of Croatia provides plenty of potential in tourism. Indented coast with over 1200 islands with many things to see, of untouched nature to urban villas and apartments for vacation that can be rented and spend your vacation just the way you wanted to. Diving, sailing, paragliding, rafting are all additional offerings in the adventure you desire. For those a little more peaceful spirit Croatia offers several national parks and nature parks and the mountain atmosphere, because the unique offer of this country is that only half an hour away from Kvarner you can breathe fresh mountain air. One of the biggest advantages of Croatian tourist offer is rural tourism and the revival of an eco-villages where you can see an old preserved heritage and taste various local products and autochthonous flora and fauna that is very diverse from north to south. Such a small country but actually many traditions and diversity, in fact every area has its own cultural traditions and gastronomic specialties and is interesting is how many dialects and traditions have in so few kilometers but still cute how many people still to this day enjoy it and not let that their traditional customs shut down. Although Croatia has small surface area is actually a small country for a great holiday!